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Workshop presentations on Novel Earth Observation techniques for Biodiversity Monitoring and Research

On Thursday 24th of May 2018  IBC-Carbon project organized an event that included 56 people from different stakeholders and co-operation projects. Novel EO techniques were widely discussed among the audience and the workshop was found very useful.

Presentations online

The first Finnish GEO-meeting

On Wednesday 23rd of May 2018 approximately 30 experts working on Geographical Information Systems and Earth Observation techniques met in the Finnish Environment Institute. Presentations handled issues from the newest technology development to the application needs of the end-users. At the end there was a concluding presentation from Business Finland on space applications and their funding possibilities both in Finland and in the EU. The event was sponsored by the IBC-Carbon project.

Presentations online (partly in Finnish):



Portaat huipulle. Kuva Riku Lumiaro.
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